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1934 Donald Duck The Wise Little Hen

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The Wise Little Hen lived with her chicks. They were running low on food & she was worried, so she decided to plant some corn. So they set off to Peter Pig's house. She asked him if he would help her plant corn, but sadly Peter complained of having a belly ache & snorted off. The Hen realized that he would not help her, so she skipped off to Donald Duck's house. Donald did not help her either, as he also faked a belly ache & quacked off. The Hen decided to plant the corn herself. As soon as the corn had grown, the Hen asked Peter & Donald again if they would help her. They faked belly aches again & went into the club house they owned. Peter banged the door so hard the wall broke, but the Pig & the Duck were shaking hands without noticing the wall at all. The Hen saw through their trick & agreed with her chicks to not let them eat any corn when it's done. So the baked the corn & set it up for dinner, then the Hen decided to ask Peter & Donald if they wanted corn. They agreed & came rushing over to grab the basket full of corn. They fought over it but then decided to dig in. To their surprise, it was castor oil for belly aches! The Hen & the chicks enjoyed their meal, while Peter & Donald kicked each other in the rear for the rest of the day.
Walt Disney Productions. Released on June 9, 1934.

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